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Who Was John Knox?

At John Knox in Ruston we learn some important traits lived in this past Christian. We at JK learn to be committed to God and his people. We will out a commitment to the Bible, to the Reformed Faith, to the Great Commission and to Christian Fellowship. We strive to be a congregation of friendly and welcoming people of Christ.

John Knox was a brilliant, outspoken, controversial, and passionate minister in the 16th century and a key Reformation leader in Scotland. In his early years he served as a body guard carrying a two-handed sword, but later took up the more powerful sword of the Word of God. He bore the flame of the Reformation from Geneva to Scotland. He was an outspoken figure who addressed every current event with the wisdom and insight of Scripture. His influence spread influence was immense and spread to the borderlands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. Later his influence spread to the American colonies and frontier.