Filling Station

A well of resources to become rooted and grounded in Christ. 

The history of Redemption recorded in Genesis through Revelation is a living record of God's word and work. Collected together the Bible functions as God's inscriptured word that serves as the Christian's prescription for both thought and action--known as orthodoxy and orthopraxy. The Father gives his Children the word for their progress and joy in life and so they may be rooted and grounded in the truth (Phil 1:25; Eph 3:17). The Filling Station is a little corner of our website that serves Christ's body by making resources available for thought and reflection. 

Why another blog? 

Indeed, the modern church in America is inundated with resources and writings about Christianity. Qholeth is correct to say, 'there is no end to the making of many books, and much study wearies the body' (Ecc 12:12). However, the Bible demonstrates on a macro scale that God's servants have always served the dual role of preachers and writers. Writing is the chosen means of God's communication with his people. Without God's servants being writers there would not be a Bible. Furthermore, since the closing of the canon Church history is filled with servants who have continued to preach and write. This little corner intends to be obedient to the service of God in the writing aspect of Kingdom work. 

Please feel free to use the writings and links as you find them helpful.