Church Leadership

Rev. Dr. Chris S. Stevens

Pastor Chris is new to Ruston, but he is a southern boy through and through. He loves everything outdoors and good bbq. He is passionate about Jesus Christ. His desire is the mission of John Knox, 'to know Christ and the Power of his resurrection' (Phil 3:10). All his service, preaching, and teaching seek for others to know Christ more intimately and experience his powerful love. Chris graduated from Westminster Seminary California (M.Div. '11) and McMaster Divinity College (Ph.D. '19). See here for publications. Contact by EMAIL.

Pastor Chris's role is to serve Christ by soul-therapy to ones led astray by harmful passions and false pictures of happiness.


Chuck Murphy-- is a mechanical engineer who loves to see God's people comforted by and directed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Steve DeFreese-- is a retired electrician who served in the Navy before spending his career at Louisiana Tech's campus. He has a servant's heart and always ready to help.

Rob Pierce-- is a therapeutic optometrist here in Ruston. He desires to see John Knox be a place where people worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.

John Richmond-- has been a member and elder at JK for many years. He helps John Knox stay rooted and grounded by instilling in JKPC a commitment to God, the Bible, to the Reformed Faith, to the Great Commission, and to Christian Fellowship. He strives to help JKPC be a congregation of friendly and welcoming people of Christ.


John Lauck-- is an accounting professor and CPA. He has been a member of the PCA for many years and, as a Deacon, he aims to reflect Christ’s love for the Church by serving its members and caring for our congregation.