University Ministry


Christian Student Fellowship, a ministry of John Knox Presbyterian Church in Ruston, seeks to proclaim the truth of the Christian gospel and to help young people live out this truth in the whole of life. It is a ministry focused on university students, as well as high school students and university graduates.

Young adults today are exposed to a variety of competing life-ideals. These values may develop during the formative years living with one’s parents, confront the individual in the classroom, be absorbed from books and movies, or just “show up” as the student begins to think seriously about the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood.

For centuries, the ideas presented in the Bible—creation, law, grace, salvation, love, hope and many more—have been integral to the lives of millions. The ministry of CSF is committed to teaching the truths of Scripture, seeing them as foundational to the building of a life that honors God. We undertake all activities, from bible study to worship, with the conviction that the Christian life and the Christian view of the world should be set before young people in an attractive and challenging fashion.

Christian Student Fellowship meets on Wednesday nights with dinner at 6.30 followed by a Bible study starting at 7.30. Other activities CSF has done include a barbecue, a Christmas party (complete with tacky Christmas sweaters!), and a jam session (for the music-lovers in our group). To keep up with what’s happening at CSF, join the Christian Student Fellowship group on Facebook.

Come join us to learn more about what it means to live a life like the Savior’s life, full of grace and truth. (John 1.14)